Navigating the resources available to veterans can be confusing, but DAV believes no veteran should have to go it alone. Below you can find links to tools and resources that can help ease the process of attaining earned benefits, coping with the lasting effects of service-connected injuries and finding programs and services that meet your specific needs. If you require additional information, please contact your nearest DAV National Service Officer for assistance.


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Locate support at your local VA medical center along with additional available resources.

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Access helpful tools, information and resources for managing the effects of this invisible injury.

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Women Veterans

Find DAV’s women veterans report, plus outreach materials, toolkits and more.

Resources - Standard Claims Appeal Forms Image

Standard Claims and Appeals

Get information and help with the VA disability application and appeals process.

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Find shareable videos to help explain current issues, regulations and laws.

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How to Volunteer

Local Veterans Assistance Program

Resources - Who is Eligible for Membership Image

Who is Eligible for DAV Membership?

DAV’s successes on behalf of veterans rely solely on the strength of its members.

Resources - Estate Planning Image

DAV Estate Planning

Leave a legacy of hope and compassion for today’s disabled veterans and for generations to come.

Resources - Death Benefits Guide Image

Death Benefits Guide

Planning for your family’s future

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Why donate to DAV?

When it comes to donating to veterans charities, we know it is important to do your homework.

Resources - Unsung Hero Initiative Image

The Unsung Heroes Initiative

Bringing awareness to the challenges and inequities facing America’s veteran caregivers.

Resources - VA Claims Rating Image

VA Claims Rating / VA Math

How does VA decide a rating?

Resources - Understanding VA Claims Image

Understanding the VA Claims Process

DAV benefits experts are available across the country to help veterans.

Resources - Military Sexual Trauma Image

Military Sexual Trauma – MST

Find out more about MST.

Resources - Moral Injury Image

Moral Injury

Find out more about Moral Injury

Resources - Traumatic Brain Injury Image

Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI

TBI is a stressful injury to the brain caused by an outward force. Find out more.

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Gulf War veterans:

Health concerns and benefits. Find out more.

Resources - Vietnam War Veterans Image

Vietnam War veterans:

Health concerns and benefits. Find out more.

Resources - Mental Health Benefits Image

Post-military health & mental health benefits

Find out more about federal and local benefits.

Resources - Election Year Dos and Don'ts Image

Election Year Dos & Don’ts

For members during election year campaigns

Resources - Veterans Day Discounts Image

Veterans Day Discounts

For veterans and active duty military.

Resources - Blind Veterans Image

Blind Veterans

Resources and information for blind veterans.

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Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis for veterans

Resources - POW/MIA Image


Never Forgotten

Resources - LGBT Veterans Image

LGBTQ Veterans

Resources and information for LGBTQ veterans.

Resources - Military Toxic Exposure Image

Military Toxic Exposure

Find out more.

DAV Centennial

In 2020 and 2021, DAV celebrated its centennial anniversary.

Service Animals

The use of emotional support animals and therapy animals has risen dramatically.

ODVY Recipients

DAV Outstanding Disabled Veterans of the Year. See who they were.

Veterans with amputations/limb loss

Find out more.

Memorial Affairs and Death Benefits

When a death in the family happens, all too often, survivors find themselves ill-prepared.

Veteran Survivor Benefits

Find out what veteran survivor benefits are.

Protecting Veterans Against Scams

There is no shortage of scammers looking to take advantage of people online.