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Employment & Entrepreneurship

Employment for Veterans and Spouses

The journey from injury to recovery is not complete until a veteran is able to find meaning in his or her life. For those who are able, that means getting back to work to care for their families.

DAV Employment Program

DAV’s employment program connects transitioning active duty, Guard and Reserve members, veterans and their spouses with employers.

Job Fairs

Connecting veterans and spouses with employers.

Employers with Career Opportunities

More and more employers are stepping up to hire veterans with disabilities and spouses.

DAV Patriot Boot Camp

DAV Patriot Boot Camp provides active duty service members, veterans, and their spouses with access to mentors, educational programming, and a robust community of experts and peers to help them innovate and build impactful businesses.

DAV Patriot Employer Program

The DAV Patriot Employer Program recognizes employers whose hiring practices and company policies help veterans transition into fulfilling careers after service.

Hiring Guide

More and more employers are stepping up to hire veterans with disabilities.

Additional Information

What is DAV?
DAV is dedicated to a single purpose: keeping our promise to America’s veterans. We accomplish this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them, fighting for the interests of America’s injured heroes on Capitol Hill, providing employment resources to veterans and their families, and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

Who is eligible to attend the job fairs?
The job fairs are for veterans, transitioning military service members and their spouses.

Where are the job fairs?
The job fairs are held nationwide. Click here for a full listing of events.

What is the attire?
If on active duty, wearing your uniform is appropriate. Otherwise, to project the image you want to be seen, you should wear business attire, preferably a suit or dress slacks and dress shirt.

Will the employers be hiring veterans?
The employers are looking to specifically hire veterans. Many of them will conduct one on one interviews, and in some cases offers may also be extended at the event.

Do you offer assistance with resume writing?
We have links to sample templates posted on our website. In addition, RecruitMilitary has services available to assist with resume writing.

How can I learn more about the exhibitors?
A list of exhibitors for the RecruitMilitary events is available at In addition, you can use LinkedIn and company websites to learn more about the companies and their employment opportunities.

Why should I participate in the job fairs?
The job fairs are an excellent opportunity to interact with potential employers and make contacts that can lead to career opportunities.

What can I expect at the job fairs?
DAV is proud to sponsor these events and bring high quality employers and veterans together on employment opportunities. DAV will have representatives available at the events to assist with benefit inquiries. Additionally, veterans are encouraged to contact their local NSO for assistance with benefits via the following link:

How can I maximize my virtual job fair experience?
Virtual job fairs offer opportunities to connect and speak directly with companies about their career opportunities. Explore tips for maximizing your virtual job fair experience and getting the most out of the event as discussed in this article.

Do I need to register for the job fairs?
Registration is strongly recommended for the RecruitMilitary events (

Is there a fee for participating in the job fairs?
There are no fees for veterans to participate in the RecruitMilitary events.

Can I send you my resume to share with employers?
DAV assists with connecting veterans and employers on employment opportunities. However, we recommend that you register and post your resume on

Any tips for first time job fair attendees?
Be sure that your resume is up to date and error free. You will also want to complete your RecruitMilitary job board profile and upload your resume ahead of the career fair. Be prepared with a 30 second elevator pitch to sell yourself to potential employers. Visit as many booths as possible to learn about employment opportunities, and do not rule any company/organization out based on the type of business they have. A coffee shop or restaurant not only hires servers, but has Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Management and other positions. Additional tips can be found here: 7 Tips for Military Veterans to Get a Job Through a Job Fair.

What should I do after attending a job fair?
You should send thank you emails or notes to any recruiters you spoke to at the event. This is an opportunity for you to reiterate your interest in opportunities at their company.

If you found employment through one of our career fairs, please share with us.


The following resources will assist military spouses with networking, mentoring, professional development and employment.

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