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Give to Veterans with Charitable Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts to Charity

Give to veterans with planned gifts like bequests, annuities and more.Summary of Gift Planning Options

The DAV Guardian Society honors individuals who have created one of the special gifts below, which benefit disabled veterans in the future and ensure DAV’s long-term strength and security. Guardian Society member names are permanently recorded and members are specially recognized in the society’s newsletter, unless anonymity is preferred. Members receive a lapel pin, window decal and a certificate suitable for framing. The most common gifts recognized through the Guardian Society are:


This is a gift through your will or trust for a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar gift, a contingent gift or a residual gift. If you already have a will or trust, your attorney can add a bequest at minimal cost by using a simple codicil or amendment. Please use our legal name and address: Disabled American Veterans, P.O. Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250, and tax identification number 31-0263158.

Charitable Gift Annuities

In exchange for your transfer of $10,000 or more, this program would provide you and a survivor with a fixed lifetime income, partially tax-free. The donor can also claim a charitable income tax deduction. Payments and tax advantages are based on age (minimum age of 60); the older you are, the higher the payments and the tax benefit. After the beneficiaries’ lifetimes, the remaining principal becomes a gift to the DAV Charitable Service Trust (Trust).

Financial Accounts, Life Insurance & Retirement Policies

With a simple change-of-beneficiary form from your bank, financial investment firm, insurance company or retirement plan administrator, you can name DAV as a full or partial beneficiary of such assets. Use our legal name and address: Disabled American Veterans, P.O. Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250, and please enter our tax identification number 31-0263158 at the appropriate EIN or Social Security number line.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

This is another gift plan that benefits DAV in the future, while you receive an ongoing income and significant tax savings. You can fund a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) with a variety of assets such as cash, real estate and highly appreciated stocks. The Trust then sells the assets and reinvests in a diversified portfolio, which pays variable or fixed income to you and/or other individuals. After the funder’s lifetime, the remaining value of the portfolio becomes a gift to DAV. Advisors suggest funding a CRT with a minimum of $100,000 in assets to help offset expenses incurred in the creation and management of a CRT.

Memorial & Honorary Gifts

You can personalize any of these gifts to pay lasting tribute to a friend or loved one. Just let us know the individual’s name when you call or write.

Anonymous Gifts

Please let us know if you have completed one of these gifts but prefer anonymity.

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