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Life-Changing Services

Life-Changing Services

We help more than 1 million veterans every year.

From meaningful employment and disaster relief, to medical benefits and addressing homelessness, DAV helps veterans achieve personal victories—great and small.

DAV helps veterans and their families in life-changing ways:

  • With in-person support on military bases across the country—helping transitioning veterans access benefits and successfully reintegrate to civilian life.
  • Hosting job fairs  online and across the country, connecting veterans with employers, tools, resources and opportunities.
  • With a national network of local support—including over 1,200 chapters and nearly 100 offices across the country.
  • With DAV volunteer support on-site at many VA medical centers, providing more than a million volunteer hours per year
  • With no-cost rides to help veterans get to and from VA medical appointments.
  • With emergency grants to ill and injured veterans living in areas damaged by natural disasters.
  • Connecting homeless and at-risk veterans with care, benefits and employment opportunities.

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