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How DAV extends veteran help to every age and every stage

All Veterans – Every Age, Every Stage

We serve veterans of all generations.

Just as veterans are united through the bonds established in military service, DAV serves veterans of every generation —providing them with a new support system and mentorship after service–from help with claims filing, to emergency assistance, to everyday support as they “take back” normal life.

We’re veterans ourselves —including DAV’s leadership, Benefits Advocates and 1 million members—so we understand the special needs of veterans and their families.

Every Veteran Is Important.

DAV supports all veterans—at every age and every stage of life. Our support and services include:

  • Special assistance to the most vulnerable and overlooked veterans, including those experiencing PTSD and homelessness.
  • Equitable benefits for women, minority, LGBTQ+ and other underserved veteran populations.
  • Help for those with visible and invisible wounds from military service. We know that, with the right support, veterans can overcome any challenge.
  • Support for veterans’ families and survivors. While they may not have served in uniform, they often sacrificed and should be supported as well.

How DAV Is Making An Impact With
Real Veterans

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