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Providing a Lifetime of Veteran Support

Providing A Lifetime of Support

DAV is ready to assist whenever we’re needed.

Disabling injuries don’t always show up right after service —they can affect veterans at any stage of life. So when it comes to applying for and receiving benefits, it’s good to know that DAV’s support isn’t limited by when or where you served, or by the type of injury you suffered.

Our Benefits Advocates Are Ready to Help.

Free, professional assistance from our benefits advocates can help veterans and their families receive the benefits they’ve earned —health care, disability, employment, education, financial benefits and more.

Our benefits advocates are veterans, too, so they understand military service and the benefits process. In a typical year, DAV helps veterans of all ages file claims —over 209,300 claims last year. In 2023, DAV-represented veterans received more than $28.4 billion in earned benefits.

How DAV Is Making An Impact With
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