At DAV, we’re on a mission to help veterans get the benefits and services they were promised by our nation. Every year, we help more than a million veterans, of all generations, as they face and conquer their challenges — connecting them to the health care, education, and financial benefits they’ve earned.

We hope these real stories of personal victory will inspire greater support for America’s veterans and demonstrate that DAV is here to help all veterans reach their victories. Because when America’s veterans win, we all win.

Victories for veterans

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From educating yourself on current issues, to becoming an active voice for America’s veterans, there’s a way for you to help. Here’s how:

Review and understand issues that need immediate action
Volunteer at a VA medical center
Choose your own way to help


There’s a wide range of options for contributing your time in support of our nation’s heroes. You can help once or make it part of your charitable routine. Onsite at a VA or something you do on your own: it’s your choice. Here are some ways to make a difference:

Drive a DAV van and help a veteran get to an appointment
Volunteer at a VA medical center
Choose your own way to help


DAV, a leading nonprofit, helps one million veterans each year at no charge. To be part of that success, donate to help support victories for veterans. You can make a one-time donation or set up a longer-term charitable plan:

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Donate a gift in a loved one’s name