Making a virtual impression

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Virtual hiring events are growing more common. Here are three tips to help you standout.

While COVID-19 has forced both employers and job seekers into new territory, virtual career fairs have provided job seekers and employers the flexibility and access to resources, opportunities and support.

DAV’s virtual events are always free to veterans, their spouses, active-duty military personnel, and members of the National Guard and Reserve. They are a great platform to help make those connections with employers.

Whether you’re currently transitioning out of the military, recently out of work or simply looking for a new start, job hunting can be a stressful task. This mission is made much more difficult in the face of a national health crisis, but not any less important. In fact, it’s more important than ever to leave the door open to opportunity.

For those of you interested in attending a virtual event, here are three quick tips:

  1. Be ready. You may not be physically in the room with the recruiters, but you’re on display. If initial communication goes well with an employer, you could find yourself in a one-on-one video interview. Be prepared by dressing professionally and testing your video and audio capabilities before the event starts.
  2. Be organized. Just like attending an in-person career fair, it’s important to be prepared. Many organizations screen resumes ahead of time, so be sure to register early and upload your resume. This could give you a leg up on the competition, as employers can invite participants to a private chat to further discuss their openings. This gives you an opportunity to use your elevator pitch, so have it ready.
  3. Stay in touch. The list of employers at a DAV virtual career fair remains active after the event. If an employer asks you to apply online, do it – they aren’t writing you off. Human Resources protocols often require an applicant to go through the online applicant tracking systems.

If you’re a veteran or a veteran’s spouse interested in attending a DAV career fair, you can find the complete list and how to register at