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DAV Benefits Protection Team

DAV Benefits Protection Team

Protecting our Benefits Begins With You

Please join DAV’s dedicated grassroots supporters and help protect veterans’ benefits! Your involvement will increase our effectiveness in advocating for ill and injured veterans, their families, and survivors – and will unify and solidify DAV’s message across the nation.

We need your help in communicating DAV’s legislative priorities to Congress, the media and the general public. Given the volatility of the current political environment – it is an important time to strengthen advocacy efforts so the much talked about reform of VA’s health care system is done in the best interest of veterans, existing benefits are protected, and future benefits are developed in line with what matters to those who have served.

Our success in pushing for and seeing legislative changes in Washington remains dependent on the continued strength of our nationwide grassroots movement.

Now is the time to become proactive, and now is the time to prepare – before others decide it is a good idea to dismantle the VA or take away hard-earned benefits and services from those who have served and sacrificed for this country.  We are all responsible to help ensure that our government does not go back on its promises to our nation’s veterans and their families.

Remember, protecting our benefits begins with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for DAV’s Commander’s Action Network (DAV CAN) to start receiving our Action Alerts.

You do not have to be a member of DAV to join our grassroots movement or to sign up for Action Alerts through DAV CAN. You simply need to want to help.

By providing your ZIP code at sign up we will match your letters with your members of Congress.

This link will show you the most recent Action Alert topics that DAV has asked its grassroots to take action on.

Please click here to watch our video that explains our Benefits Protection Team and how you can help!

Members of Congress will only respond to correspondence from their constituents; therefore, it may not be an efficient use of time to write to other members of Congress.

If the response specially addresses the member’s support of or opposition to our position, you can send the letter to DAV National Service and Legislative Headquarters, 1300 I Street NW, Suite 400 West, Washington, DC  20005 or forward to [email protected].

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You are encouraged to use the prepared email but can add your personal experiences to that email if you so choose.

Please click here to download entire Toolkit.

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