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DAV catalog, regulations, manuals and more

POW/MIA Reference Guide

A guide to creating initiatives and generating results.

Download Guide (PDF)

DAV Store Catalog

Find everything you want in DAV and DAV Auxiliary apparel, gifts and other gear.

Download Catalog (PDF)


DAV rituals are a tradition of time-honored procedures, which give structure to our chapter meetings and ensure that all orders of business are addressed in meetings. Also included here are all of DAV’s ceremonial practices, such as memorial dedications, new member obligations and procedures for the installation of officers.

Download Rituals (PDF)

Strategic Plan

The 21st century presents both enormous challenges and breathtaking opportunities for DAV. Our Strategic Plan ensures the continued viability and vitality of DAV into the future. This plan is a blueprint for DAV to remain the greatest veterans’ service organization in the world. America’s heroes deserve nothing less.

Download Strategic Plan (PDF)

Volunteer for Veterans Orientation Handbook

In this handbook you will find a wealth of information that you should find helpful in understanding the volunteer opportunities and the vital role that you play in supporting DAV’s mission.

Download Handbook (PDF)

DAV National Constitution, Bylaws & Regulations

The DAV National Constitution and its Bylaws, defined and affirmed each year at the National Convention, provide the fundamental principles that govern the duties of DAV members and officers, with the regulations of membership that cover election of officers, conventions, committees, dues and more.

Download Bylaws (PDF)

Chapter Constitution and Bylaws Guidelines and Suggestions

These guidelines and suggestions were developed to assist local DAV chapters to draft those documents which govern chapter activities and operations. These are realistic solutions, tested and refined over many years in every type of community to build strong foundations for the future.

Download Bylaws (PDF)

DAV Auxiliary Procedure and Program Manual

The DAV Auxiliary Procedure and Program Manual covers the history of the organization, detailing all programs, and providing a wealth of information for all unit and state officers, and members as well.

Download (PDF) User Manual is a self-service and reports repository for members and member leaders.

Download (PDF)

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