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Chapter Officer Guide

Chapter Officer Guide

Chapter officers have often asked National Headquarters for assistance in defining the duties they’ve assumed. Basically, what they desire is an outline of the responsibilities of Chapter officers and an accounting system. This booklet has been developed in response to these requests.

It’s more complete than anything previously prepared on the duties of various Chapter officers. As such, it will do a better job in orienting newly elected or appointed officers and helping them get their feet on the ground.

We believe this guide will assist our Chapter officers in doing a better job and focusing development of programs of service to disabled veterans and their families. Of course, as the DAV leadership improves at the local level, the entire Organization will reap the rewards.

We encourage you to read this booklet carefully. Even if you have been involved in Chapter or Department leadership for many years, you can benefit by refreshing your memory. This booklet will be useful in helping younger DAV leaders move into positions of responsibility.

Finally, this is a guide. It does not replace any provisions of the National Constitution Bylaws and Regulations or mandates.

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