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DAV advocates for those men and women who defend the American way of life, and our leadership structure reflects that. Since our founding, our National Commander has been democratically elected by our member veterans. That tradition ensures that the DAV will always put service for America’s veterans first.

Subject Matter Experts

At DAV, we’re veterans helping veterans. We have firsthand experience and deep understanding of the core issues impacting the men and women who have served our country. To view an individual spokesperson’s full bio, please click on their name below.

Nancy Espinosa
National Commander


Barry A. Jesinoski
National Adjutant & CEO

Bryan “Cody” VanBoxel
Executive Director

Randy Reese
Washington Headquarters Executive Director


Edward E. Hartman
Inspector General

Jim Marszalek
National Service Director

Joy J. Ilem
National Legislative Director

Daniel Clare
Chief Communications and Outreach Officer

John Kleindienst
National Voluntary Services Director


Ryan Burgos
National Employment Director

Douglas K. Wells Jr.
National Membership Director

John R. “Rob” Lewis
National Communications Director



DAV Board of Directors

Joseph Parsetich, Montana

Daniel Contreras, California

Charles Edwards, Texas

Barry A. Jesinoski, Kentucky

David Gerke, Missouri

William “Bill” Dolan, Nevada


Jerry Estes, Utah


Nancy Espinosa, Utah

Michael E. Dobmeier, North Dakota
Advisor, National Judge Advocate

DAV Executive Committee

  • National Commander Nancy Espinosa, Utah
  • Sr. Vice Commander Daniel Contreras, California
  • 1st. Jr. Vice Commander Coleman Francis Nee, Massachusetts
  • 2nd Jr. Vice Commander John Donovan, Arkansas
  • 3rd Jr. Vice Commander Cynthia Madison, Virginia
  • 4th Jr. Vice Commander James A. Procunier, North Carolina
  • Past National Commander Joseph Parsetich, Montana
  • NEC 1st District Francis F. Whitty, Massachusetts
  • NEC 2nd District Israel Rivera, New York
  • NEC 3rd District Joyce Gaddis, Maine
  • NEC 4th District Johnnie Walker, New Jersey
  • NEC 5th District Leonard M. Johnson, Pennsylvania
  • NEC 6th District John Patterson, Maryland
  • NEC 7th District Mary Ann Keckler, Florida
  • NEC 8th District Dave Sensat, Louisiana
  • NEC 9th District Leon Booker, Georgia
  • NEC 10th District Rolly Lee, Michigan
  • NEC 11th District Dennis F. Hanneman, Ohio
  • NEC 12th District John Polk, Wisconsin
  • NEC 13th District Eric D. McGinnis, Indiana
  • NEC 14th District Kevin Grantier, Montana
  • NEC 15th District David C. Gerke, Missouri
  • NEC 16th District Gerald G. Wilson J.R., California
  • NEC 17th District Jerry D. Estes, Utah
  • NEC 18th District William “Bill” Dolan, Nevada
  • NEC 19th District Brigitte G. Marker, Washington
  • NEC 20th District Charles Edwards, Texas
  • NEC 21st District Harry O. Komprood, Arkansas

National Judge Advocate

  • Michael E. Dobmeier, North Dakota

National Chaplain

  • Debra Varner Dancer, Alabama

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