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Here you will find DAV’s communications, internal and external, from our annual reports to downloadable graphics and posters that speak to the sacrifice and honor of our men and women who served. You’ll also find useful manuals, messages from our top leadership and simple instructions for handling our flag with care and respect.

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2014 DAV Annual Report


Message from the National Commander

Words cannot adequately express how I feel as I write this last column. It’s been the greatest honor, privilege and joy to serve as your National Commander. Taking care of the men and women who undoubtedly have what the words “service,” “sacrifice” and “freedom” entail is a sacred promise DAV has made to America’s veterans, and I always kept that in mind.

It was a very busy and productive year. As you all know, for two straight years DAV marched on Congress’ doorstep to make ourselves clear that we expect our lawmakers to do the right thing for the men and women who had the courage to wear our nation’s uniform. Passing advance appropriations into law to ensure veterans and their families would continue to receive their earned benefits in the event of a government shutdown was, quite simply, the right thing to do. And I’m proud to say that DAV made that happen.  Read more…

Ronald Hope, Commander

Message from the National Adjutant

I have been thinking a lot about our members lately and the dedicated work each of you puts forth in your own communities to help veterans lead better, more fulfilling lives.

It’s humbling how many of you continue to give so much for others, after having already given enormously for your country.

Many of you have asked how best to engage with the newer generation of veterans and wonder how to bring them in and get them involved in DAV’s activities at the local level. I suspect it may be easier than we think.

What most of us have in common, once we leave the military, is a desire to give back and serve others. This is what often led us into service in the first place and what inspired us to get involved with DAV.  Read more…

Marc Burgess, Adjutant

Additional Documents

Leading The Way Brochure

For injured and ill veterans from all eras, the road to recovery presents the challenge of living the rest of their days with permanent disabilities.

Download Brochure (PDF)

Living With Traumatic Stress: You Are Not Alone

After combat, service members demobilize and put away their weapons, turn in their ammunition and body armor and fold away their camouflage. In returning home, they also need to peel off layers of personal and collective behaviors that have protected them from danger and kept them functional and safe during deployments to theaters of military operation.

Download this form (PDF)

My Story – One of Hope and Inspiration

Sharing your story of service and sacrifice takes a special courage, but in doing so, you can provide a true service to your fellow veterans. Family members, volunteers and supporters are also encouraged to participate. To share your story, visit or mail this form to DAV National Headquarters.

Download Brochure (PDF)


DAV rituals are a tradition of time-honored procedures, which give structure to our chapter meetings and ensure that all orders of business addressed in meetings. Also included here are all of DAV’s ceremonial practices, such as memorial dedications, new member obligations and procedures for the installation of officers.

Download this form (PDF)

Tax Form 990

Trust means transparency. Here you have access to DAV’s IRS Form 990, “Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax,” which discloses DAV finances for the past fiscal year.

Download this form (PDF)

Tax Form 990-T

Here you have access to DAV’s IRS Form 990-T.

Download this form (PDF)

Strategic Plan

The 21st century presents both enormous challenges and breathtaking opportunities for DAV. Our Strategic Plan ensures the continued viability and vitality of DAV into the future. This plan is a blueprint for DAV to remain the greatest veterans’ service organization in the world. America’s heroes deserve nothing less.

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Veterans Day 2012 Poster

Gary Sinese honors our nation’s veterans, male and female, young and old in this inspiring tribute to all of our heroes.

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Veterans Day 2011 Poster

DAV exists because of the combined work of its members and supporters. Remember that spirit with this Veterans Day poster highlighting the bond of honor that unites us.

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Memorial Day 2015 Poster

DAV exists for veterans and their families. By fulfilling promises, we ensure America’s bravest sons and daughters are never forgotten. Join us this Memorial Day in remembering the men and women who paid for our freedom.

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Memorial Day 2012 Posters

We will always remember our nation’s fallen heroes. Their spirit lives on through your dedication and support.

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Memorial Day 2010 Posters

Every day, the brave men and women of our military put everything on the line to protect freedom. To remember them is to keep them living in our hearts.

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Membership System User Manual for NSO/TSO

For our National and Transitional Service Officers, this helpful instruction will guide you through the use of DAV’s membership web application.

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Membership System User Manual for Dept. Commanders and Adjutants

Officers are encouraged to use this expanded version of the membership web application user manual, with added instruction for the specific duties of DAV leadership.

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Membership System User Manual for Members

This simple instruction guide provides DAV members with everything the need to make the best use of DAV’s web application. From login to finding a local chapter, it’s all here.

Download this form (PDF)

LVAP User Manual

For users of the Local Veterans Assistance Program, learn to start DAV’s LVAP application, manage the tracking of volunteer hours, submit and print reports.

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Forget Me Nots

The first DAV Forget-Me-Not drive was held in 1926, to raise funds for services and assistance for veterans of the first World War. It is a symbol that commemorates those fallen in war, while promising the hope of renewal. For more than 80 years, this small blue flower of remembrance has been the staple of Chapter-level fundraising to support local disabled veterans.

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Flag Procedure

Nothing evokes such strong emotion as seeing the flag of our nation unfurl. It is a symbol for the love and pride, a poignant reminder that we live in a country that values freedom above all else, upholding democracy and working for peace throughout the world. Download How to Honor and Display the American Flag for the right ways to handle, preserve and fly “Old Glory.”

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DAV National Constitution Bylaws & Regulations

The DAV National Constitution and its Bylaws, defined and affirmed each year at the National Convention, provide the fundamental principles that govern the duties of DAV members and officers, with the regulations of membership that cover election of officers, conventions, committees, dues and more.

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Chapter Constitution and Bylaws Guidelines and Suggestions

These guidelines and suggestions were developed to assist local DAV chapters to draft those documents which govern chapter activities and operations. These are realistic solutions, tested and refined over many years in every type of community to build strong foundations for the future.

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The History of DAV Auxiliary

The DAV Auxiliary Program Manual covers the history of the organization, detailing all programs, and providing a wealth of information for all unit and state officers, and members as well.

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Transfer Form

If you are a DAV member transferring your membership from one chapter to another, please download and complete this form.

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Supply Order Form

Print, fill out and mail this form for supply requests.  Includes guides, brochures, stationary and more.

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