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Join our Ranks

DAV offers expert claim filing assistance, transition support and other important programs for veterans, FREE OF CHARGE!

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Living With Traumatic Stress: You Are Not Alone

After combat, service members demobilize and put away their weapons, turn in their ammunition and body armor and fold away their camouflage. In returning home, they also need to peel off layers of personal and collective behaviors that have protected them from danger and kept them functional and safe during deployments to theaters of military operation.

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DAV General Brochure

DAV is a leading nonprofit that provides to veterans of all generations a lifetime of support—at no cost to them—so they can reach their personal victories.

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DAV Identity Brochure

Services DAV provides to veterans and their families.

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My Story – One of Hope and Inspiration

Sharing your story of service and sacrifice takes a special courage, but in doing so, you can provide a true service to your fellow veterans. Family members, volunteers and supporters are also encouraged to participate. To share your story, visit or mail this form to DAV National Headquarters.

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Women Veterans Brochure

Women make up 10 percent of the total veteran population and are the fastest growing demographic among America’s veterans. More than 2 million have served, and the Department of Defense reports women account for nearly 20 percent of the country’s active duty force.

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Volunteer for Veterans

DAV proudly serves our nation’s ill and injured veterans through a variety of unique volunteer programs. DAV is proud of the devotion and support we receive from our volunteers. It’s those dedicated individuals who make our volunteer programs so successful.

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Veteran Employment

The journey from injury to recovery is not complete until a veteran is able to find meaning in his or her life. For those who are able, that means getting back to work to care for their families.

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Transition Service Program

How DAV and Grow with Google are creating career opportunities for transitioning service members.

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Flag Procedure

Nothing evokes such strong emotion as seeing the flag of our nation unfurl. It is a symbol for the love and pride, a poignant reminder that we live in a country that values freedom above all else, upholding democracy and working for peace throughout the world. Download How to Honor and Display the American Flag for the right ways to handle, preserve and fly “Old Glory.”

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DAV Scholarships

DAV offers $110,000 in scholarships annually for youth volunteers to be used toward any accredited institution of higher learning, including universities, colleges, community colleges and vocational schools.

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Death Benefits Guide

A death in the family too often finds the survivors ill-prepared to cope with the loss. That lack of preparation, and particularly the lack of information, is why we have prepared this booklet for the families of deceased veterans.

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