A strong, educated and active membership is vital to DAV and the veterans we serve, and continuing to build our legacy—and retain our ranks—requires a knowledgeable mind and welcoming heart.

While bonding over a shared experience of service strengthens us, it’s often just the first step in welcoming a new member. That’s why, when we have the opportunity to educate veterans and their families about DAV programs and services, understanding all of the available tools is important.

Our website, DAV.org, has a new look and functionality designed to make navigation easier for users. Please familiarize yourself with this powerful online tool to find resources, contacts and assistance.

DAV.org’s highlighted See How We Help button illustrates DAV’s free assistance to veterans, the life-changing services available and the organization’s powerful advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill for veterans rights and benefits. This is a great place to show those unfamiliar with DAV’s mission and work.

DAV’s Find Your Local Office is also an easy way to find assistance through DAV to file for Department of Veterans Affairs benefits. Users can type in a ZIP code to connect to service officers across the country. Other tabs can help users find chapter meeting times, meeting locations and contacts, as well as transition service officers for those about to transition out of the service. Benefitsquestions.org is a shortcut to the locator.

Links to free medical transportation, employment and entrepreneurship, and VA benefits help are easy to find in multiple spots. The employment area links to job fairs and employers who specifically seek to hire veterans, and it provides details about DAV Patriot Boot Camp.

Your personalized Recruit A Warrior link for recruiting new members is another important must. It can be used on another powerful tool, your DAV business card containing a QR code that prospective members can use to quickly and easily join while giving you credit. You can order DAV business cards and stationery through the Member Resources section. Don’t forget that you need to register or sign in through MyDAV.org to access reports and request membership cards.

If you have questions about the tools available to help veterans, email [email protected] or call 888-236-8313 to speak with a membership specialist.

There is no better time to continue showing your commitment to veterans and their families. Don’t shrug this off as something you will do later. Equip yourself with these tools and learn to use them for the betterment of veterans and their families.