New VA web page makes it easier for veterans and their families to search for unclaimed funds

As part of a wider initiative to enhance the VA’s ability to connect with veterans and their families, the VA Life Insurance program recently updated its Unclaimed Insurance Funds web page to simplify how veterans and their families can check to see if money is owed to them.

Veterans and family members can now simply enter the veteran’s first and last name to search for unclaimed funds.

“There may be beneficiaries out there who do not realize they have unclaimed funds,” said Assistant National Service Director Steven Wolf. “It’s important that these folks get the money that’s owed to them.”

Currently, there are approximately 3,000 unclaimed policies totaling $30 million. The unclaimed funds have accumulated from the policies established under the following life insurance programs:

United States Government Life Insurance (USGLI, 1919-1951)
National Service Life Insurance (NSLI, 1940-1951)
Veterans Special Life Insurance (VSLI, 1951-1956)
Veterans’ Reopened Insurance (VRI, 1965-1966), and
Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI, 1951-Present),

The unclaimed funds do not cover life insurance policies issued under Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) nor Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI).

If a user finds a match under a veteran’s name, the web page will prompt the user to complete VA Form 29‑541, Certificate Showing Residence and Heirs of Deceased Veteran or Beneficiary, and fax or mail it to the VA Insurance Center, along with proof of identity and entitlement. If the user is acting as a guardian, executor, administrator or in some other representative capacity, the user must enclose appropriate documentation demonstrating their entitlement to make a claim.

Once VA Life Insurance receives the user’s information, VA representatives will begin the process of verification to establish that the correct payee has been identified. This process can include the user supplying personally identifiable information, completing a form, or in some cases providing a photocopy of a death certificate. Each case is unique and different requirements may apply before release of funds.

The web page can be found at