On Jan. 1, the Department of Veterans Affairs opened enrollment for Veterans Affairs Life Insurance (VALife). Veterans 80 or under with any level of service-connected disability (0%–100%) are eligible to apply at any time with no medical exams or health questions necessary for enrollment.

Veterans 81 or older may also apply for VALife within two years of receiving notification of a new service-connected disability if they applied for a new VA-rated disability before age 81 and received a new service-connected disability after turning 81.

VALife offers up to $40,000 in coverage, available in $10,000 increments, and has cash value that builds over time after the first two years of enrollment.

VALife doesn’t cover spouses or dependents of eligible veterans, and by law, there is no premium waiver option.

To learn more about VALife, visit the program website at benefits.va.gov/insurance/valife.asp.