empowers veterans to track VA compensation

Roughly 10 percent of all VA disability claims—around 125,000 per year—are appealed. And with wait times averaging three years or longer for a decision from the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, the No. 1 question we hear from veterans is, “What’s the status of my appeal?”

This past spring, the VA launched a new web tool,, that enables veterans to track their appeals in real time. The site can be accessed on any phone or computer, and claimants can log in using their eBenefits DS logon, My HealtheVet or A two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for users accessing their personal information on these mobile sites. puts veterans in the driver’s seat and enables them to personally access a detailed status of their appeal 24/7. Claimants can see the current status of any appeals, including upcoming hearings. Past actions on appeals are also available. also outlines what happens next in the appeals process and provides a time estimate for claimants, allowing veterans to see where they are in the board’s docket. The tool enables veterans to visualize the appeal and the review process. No one is removed from the line until the appeal is complete.

According to the tool’s creators, the vision was to create a single place to start for all of the tasks veterans want to do, such as check a claim or appeal status and sign up for health care through the VA. serves as that starting point.

But there are still a lot of veterans with pending appeals who haven’t yet logged on. I encourage you to take a look at this new tool and see if it can benefit you. was originally rolled out to provide oversight of appeals, addressing the backlog that has climbed to over 470,000. As an organization of veterans serving veterans, we understand that it may be difficult to hear that there are thousands of appeals being reviewed before yours, but gives claimants an honest insight into what to expect in the process. This is real transparency for veterans with pending appeals, and DAV is excited to share how effective this tool is.


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Log on to to track your appeal. And if you need help with an appeal, find the DAV national service office nearest you at