VA PACT Act toxic exposure benefits are expanding to more veterans. Find eligible PACT Act locations and conditions here.On Jan. 1, the Department of Veterans Affairs began processing Honoring our PACT Act benefit claims for all veterans and their survivors.

The PACT Act is the largest and most comprehensive expansion of veterans benefits for toxic and environmental exposures. The law adds nearly two dozen presumptive conditions related to burn pit exposure, meaning veterans who served in overseas locations with active burn pits no longer have to prove their exposure or establish direct service connection if diagnosed with ailments listed in the law.

More than 213,000 PACT Act-related claims for benefits were submitted to the VA in just the first five months after the legislation was signed. Additionally, more than 959,000 veterans received the VA’s new toxic exposure screenings, with nearly 39% reporting a concern of exposure.

If you are a veteran with questions or need assistance with a PACT Act-related claim, contact your local DAV service office by visiting