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With the harshest of Mother Nature’s winter months behind us, spring and summer are right around the corner, and it’s time to spring back into action in our local communities by volunteering and assisting our nation’s veterans.

By now, I am hoping most of you have either read about, heard from a friend or family member, or even taken part in DAV’s inaugural monthlong volunteer initiative, Forward March.

This volunteer initiative was meant to encourage all those who have received DAV’s assistance or who have benefited from a veteran’s sacrifice to “pay it forward” by giving just one hour of service to a veteran in need during the month of March through DAV’s Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP).

Through LVAP, the options for volunteers to provide direct assistance to veterans and their families are virtually limitless. You can perform yard work, help run errands, set up a computer system, clean out the gutters, shovel snow from a sidewalk or assist with cooking or cleaning—any task that improves a veteran’s life.

A lot of folks think volunteering requires a long-term commitment of their time, which, of course, is always appreciated. However, even a small investment of one’s efforts can make a difference in someone else’s life.

The Forward March campaign reinvigorated support for veterans. Participating volunteers received incentive awards for their participation, and all Forward March volunteers will receive a thank-you gift from DAV upon the submission of their LVAP form.

To submit your volunteer hours for DAV’s Forward March campaign, please visit www.dav.org/forwardmarch and complete the LVAP form.

Many veterans in our local communities are in need of some assistance on a daily basis, which is why our next challenge is to take the momentum created from the Forward March campaign and build on it by spreading the word about DAV’s vast volunteer opportunities. We should be encouraging folks to volunteer—whether it’s in a hospital, on the road with the Transportation Network or through LVAP.

We’re fortunate to have volunteers who understand the promises made to veterans and who are committed to improving veterans’ lives. The most common thing we hear from volunteers is that they get as much from donating their time as the veterans do from their generosity. It’s a rewarding way to stay active and make a difference.


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f you or anyone you know would like to learn more about DAV’s Local Veterans Assistance Program and other volunteer opportunities, visit volunteerforveterans.org.

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