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DAV Van ImageDrive a Van

Our nation’s heroes travel around the globe to protect our freedoms—it’s only right that we return their dedication. Volunteering to drive a vet ensures that even those living remotely from VA hospitals can make their appointments and never go without the treatment they need.

It’s all part of the DAV Transportation Network, administered by our Hospital Service Coordinators at the VA’s 228 medical facilities. For more information on volunteering, please contact us.

Testimonials from Volunteer Drivers

“I’m retired and decided I wanted to do some kind of volunteer work. I’ve always really respected our veterans and our military. I went to the VA medical center, did a ride-along and decided it looked like fun. I really enjoy being with the vets. It’s my way of saying thank you, and the veterans really appreciate the service we provide.”

—Jim Martin, DAV Transportation Network volunteer, Spokane, Wash.

“I didn’t serve, but I wanted a way to recognize the sacrifices of the veterans who did. I feel like I get more from my interactions with them than they benefit from my time. I’ve built relationships with veterans, and I look forward to seeing them when they need me. It’s rewarding, and I can tell it’s a meaningful contribution I can make. The DAV Transportation Network gives me a tangible connection to the veteran community.”

—Patty Davis, DAV transportation coordinator, Zablocki VA Medical Center, Milwaukee.

“I like to drive, and I like veterans. I really enjoy the one-on-one conversations I get to have with fellow veterans because they feel comfortable talking with a fellow veteran. It’s a good organization—we have camaraderie among us. We all take care of each other. I do a lot of volunteer work, and this is, by far, the most fun I’ve had volunteering.”

—Tom Bierbach, DAV Transportation Network volunteer and Navy veteran, Milwaukee