According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), there are nearly 7.8 million veteran caregivers in the United States. These hidden heroes are spouses, parents, children, and loved ones who commit substantial time and effort to care for those who have served.

They provide everything from routine care to assistance with daily activities or medical tasks. Caregiving can include driving to appointments, grocery shopping and meal preparation, feeding, bathing, paying bills, home maintenance, and more.

The toll of being a veteran caregiver can be high. Research has shown that time spent caregiving can lead to loss of income, employment and health care, and can exact a substantial physical and emotional toll to the extent that they may become unable to fulfill their caregiving role.

Approximately 2.3 million children under 18 live with a disabled veteran, and research suggests adverse outcomes for children growing up while assuming the role of a caregiver. Supporting a veteran with significant, ongoing needs consumes time and energy, and children who have to take on additional responsibilities for their ill or injured veteran may get lost in the care recipient’s need.

To keep our promise to America’s veterans, we have to consider the people who share in their sacrifices and put the needs of their loved one above their own. Caregivers save tax payers significantly and provide the maximum amount of quality of life and dignity for people who, as a result of service-connected disabilities, would otherwise require costly alternatives at tax-payer expense.

This no-cost initiative offers resources and continuity of support to the friends, family members and other loved ones who dedicate their lives to caring for their veterans.

The concierge program allows veterans and their families to access tailored caregiver support and resources—including individual support from a trained human care specialist. It helps improve the quality of life for veterans and their caregivers while extending the time they can live outside medical institutions.

By being provided with a proven support program, caregivers and the veterans they love benefit from improved relationships while reducing burnout, depression and other adverse health outcomes.

Participants also develop increased resilience and the ability to navigate complex caregiving responsibilities, including health care systems and financial planning.

Like all of our programs and services, DAV Caregivers Support is free of charge. Veterans, friends, family members and loved ones do not need to be a DAV member to enroll and take advantage of this service.

The best way to enroll is by visiting or contacting your nearest DAV service office at