DAV believes VA’s announcement that it “will not remove anyone from the [caregiver] program or decrease any support before we re-examine our current eligibility criteria” is the right action to take. VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC) has been a lifeline for tens of thousands, but the unacceptably high rate of denials into and discharges from the program based on new eligibility criteria has been deeply troubling.

VA must develop and implement new PCAFC eligibility criteria and reevaluation requirements that focus on getting veterans and caregivers into the program, not out of it. DAV was pleased to hear confirmation that VA is committed to completing the caregiver expansion to disabled veterans of all eras in October and we look forward to engaging with Secretary McDonough, Deputy Secretary Remy and other stakeholders to ensure this invaluable program is operating in the best interest of seriously disabled veterans and their family caregivers.