Honoring her parents and DAV with a lasting legacy

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“I owe so much to my parents, and I know that it would make them so happy to know that I am continuing to support our country’s veterans. It makes me happy as well—it truly is an honor.” — MaryAnn Hannon

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Born in Brooklyn, New York, MaryAnn Hannon was raised on Long Island by parents who exemplified serving others. Her father, Robert, was in the Air Force during the Korean War. When his enlistment was complete, he joined the Coast Guard Reserve and retired after 20 years. He also served as a New York City police officer. Her mother, Jane, was a dietary aid, nurse and private caregiver.

Hannon has fond memories of joining her parents to volunteer at a variety of events that served veterans or others in need in their community, and she recalls her mom taking time out of family holidays in order to deliver meals to her homebound patients. Hannon does not recall how or when her parents began supporting DAV, but she does remember her mom hanging up the DAV calendar each year and telling her young daughter how much we owe our veterans.

Fast forward to today. After educational degrees and a couple of career changes, Hannon is semiretired. Fortunate to have traveled extensively, both in the United States and overseas, she appreciates even more her country and the veterans who served it.

“I believe that our veterans served this country and risked their lives so that we can be free,” she said. “I want to say thank you and give back to them to show my utmost appreciation.”

Although both her parents have died, Hannon has continued her family tradition of supporting DAV and America’s heroes. She has included DAV in her will, and the gift serves as her legacy as well as that of her parents.

“I am so fortunate to be in the place that I am now,” she said. “I owe so much to my parents, and I know that it would make them so happy to know that I am continuing to support our country’s veterans. It makes me happy as well—it truly is an honor.”

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