On June 16, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that all VA police officers will start using in-car and body-worn cameras by the end of 2023. This new policy is an effort to provide transparency in interactions, build trust and promote de-escalation while avoiding the use of force on VA grounds.

The VA has taken steps to ensure that the use of the cameras does not infringe on the privacy of patients or VA employees. Under the rules set by the VA, the cameras will automatically start recording
video and audio whenever an officer draws a firearm or activates the emergency lights in a police vehicle.

Officers also must manually turn on their body-worn cameras when conducting investigations and during enforcement encounters. In-car cameras will be turned on while making traffic stops, responding to calls for service and transporting those in custody.

This move will affect about 4,700 VA police officers.

For more information about VA police, VA police, visit department.va.gov/about/va-police/.