“Naming DAV as a partial beneficiary of my insurance policy seemed the right thing to do after they helped me. And it was so easy to do.”
– Brian Tanner, Army Veteran

Would you be surprised to learn that gifts that cost nothing during your lifetime are making almost half of DAV’s work possible? For years, gifts through wills, trusts and easy beneficiary designations have been providing 40%–50% of DAV’s net fundraising income. Members and supporters who include DAV in their final plans are making all the difference for more than 1 million veterans each year.

After taking care of your loved ones, consider a legacy gift to benefit your fellow veterans. You’ll keep your cash flow now, and you can change your plans at any time. Here are some options:


August is Make a Will Month

Resolve to get organized; make sure you have your final plans in place by August, which is Make a Will Month. Make a no-cost will today at Freewill.com/DAV, or contact us to learn more about naming DAV in your estate plans. As always, be sure to inform us if the DAV national organization is already in your plans!

Bequest language for your attorney

“I give, devise, and bequeath to DAV (Disabled American Veterans), P.O. Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250, Tax ID: 31-0263158, % of my estate, or the sum of $; or the following described property ; or % of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate.”

15-minute beneficiary designations

No need to revise a will! Simply request a change of beneficiary form from your financial company, then name DAV and any loved ones, as percentage beneficiaries of an IRA, life insurance policy or financial account. Just use our legal name, address and tax ID (EIN number). If the form requires a physical address, DAV’s new street address is 860 Dolwick Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018. Bonus: Beneficiary designations can reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets and reduce or avoid probate fees.

Transfer on death deeds for real estate

More than half of all states now permit real estate to pass immediately to heirs or to a charity by way of a Transferable on Death deed. Your house, condo, vacation home or commercial building would pass outside of probate, and you can change your plans at any time. To learn if your state has this option, ask your attorney or contact us. Currently, Southern and East Coast states are less likely to offer this option.


For more information about giving to DAV

Visit freewill.com/dav to create a no-cost will If you do name DAV in your plans, or if you already have, we’d like to extend our gratitude through the Guardian Society and help to ensure your wishes are met.