Washington, DC – Eleven major veterans service organizations today announced the development and adoption of the Veteran’s Creed. The participating organizations will present the creed at an event on Flag Day, June 14 at 1 p.m. at the Reserve Officers Association Headquarters, Minuteman Memorial Building at 1 Constitution Ave. NE, Washington, DC.

The Creed is the result of extensive discussions and consultations among the group that began last fall at Georgetown University. It is meant to inspire veterans to continue to serve and lead in their communities and our country, and to continue to make a difference in our world.

“I believe the Veteran’s Creed could remind veterans of what they miss about their service and encourage them to continue to make a difference in their communities and across our country,” said Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., the retired former Army Chief of Staff. “We need their talents.”

Each element of the Creed is rooted in shared military tenets, the missions of participating veterans service organizations and in the altruistic ethos of veterans themselves. It is also meant to remind Americans that the principles and values veterans learned in the military—integrity, leadership, teamwork, selfless service—can greatly benefit our country. “The Creed will help prepare veterans for their productive civilian lives,” said Dr. Joel Kupersmith, Director of Veterans’ Initiatives at Georgetown University.

“DAV is honored to join General Casey, Dr. Kupersmith and our fellow service organizations in presenting this important creed. It summarizes the values and continued mission we share as a community of veterans. It unites us in common purpose and shows our fellow Americans the ethos that make veterans a productive and critical asset to the nation long after our time in uniform is complete.”

– Garry Augustine, DAV National Service and Legislative Headquarters Executive Director

The Veteran’s Creed

  1. I am an American Veteran
  2. I proudly served my country
  3. I live the values I learned in the military
  4. I continue to serve my community, my country and my fellow veterans
  5. I maintain my physical and mental discipline
  6. I continue to lead and improve
  7. I make a difference
  8. I honor and remember my fallen comrades

The participating group of veterans service organizations includes AmVets, DAV (Disabled American Veterans), HillVets, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Paralyzed Veterans of America, ROA (Reserve Officers Association), Student Veterans of America, Team Rubicon Global, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Wounded Warrior Project.