Every year on Nov. 11, Americans come together to celebrate the military members and veterans who have so bravely served our country. DAV took to social media to find out what Veterans Day means to the men and women who served, their families and supporters.


From Facebook

William Elkins Honor, sacrifice, hope and freedom. The remembrance of loved ones lost and the ones who returned broken. My duty to my comrades and their families at home who still need help. We must never leave a soldier behind.

Mike Sciales I think of the comrades and good times we had together because it was those people who made it all so rewarding. I think of the ones who never came back, and won’t forget what they did for us. Then I see some of the terrible things by the government that deny veterans the care and respect they deserve, and it breaks my heart.

Susana Kelton My husband was a Vietnam vet, and I miss him dearly. Vets from that era were treated with disrespect when they returned from that war. It gives all a chance to show them our support, which was due them. Let us sing praises to all our veterans, here and gone.

Scott Saldukas I think of everything—more than on any other day. Especially, those who have endured selfless pain for a lifetime so everyone can rest their head next to their loved ones. As an OIF/OEF vet, I thank all of them before me, especially Vietnam vets—they dealt and deal with more than any human should have to. Much love to all my vets out there.

Bill Miller As a veteran myself, it is the day I thank all the other veterans I have known over the years, including my best friend and my sister-in-law—heroes both!

Amanda Maria Snyder It’s a day to thank our brothers and sisters for having our sixes.

Michael Golden It reminds me of my days as a combat medic and how I would do it all over again.


From Twitter

Tegan Griffith @TeganGriffith It’s a family affair for me. I share mutual bonds with my dad and brother, as well as my veteran peers on campus. It’s *our* day.


From Instagram

warriorwifeforlife More than I can say, I am with my husband every day of his life and am amazed by his continuing courage. His fight, his will, his desire. I can’t put into words what it means to me, but you can damn well believe I think they deserve more than they get!

beccaswinks It’s an extra opportunity for me to celebrate and thank our veterans for all they do. I am able to walk out of my front door in safety, speak my mind and worship at will because our men and women have fought, and continue to fight, for the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted every day. They are our guardian angels, watching over and protecting us!

todd.case It shouldn’t be just one day out of the year, but for most people it is the one day that they thank each and every veteran for the sacrifices they have made to provide the freedom everyone here has today. I have sacrificed my share, and my knees have paid the price. I am a disabled veteran.


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