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The Great American Team

DAV is part of a continuing partnership with the National Football League, working directly with teams to provide player autograph cards and inspiring videos about the military service of star players and how today’s NFL players are reaching out to help injured and ill veterans of our current wars.

“The Great American Team” tells the story of DAV and the NFL working in partnership to show appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our newest generation of veterans. From visits to VA and military hospitals, to invitations to attend NFL events from pre-season practices to the Super Bowl, the NFL and DAV help our wounded heroes overcome their injuries and restore them to productive lives.


Additional Videos

DAV brings the message of hope and recovery wherever it needs to be heard. Athletes, celebrities and veterans want to tell the world that they support DAV and stand by the heroes who have risked it all for our freedom. Share these videos with friends and family, and encourage them to join DAV in our commitment to fulfilling our promises to the men and women who served.

Remember Me

America’s disabled veterans need your help, as they work to return to normalcy.

The Pledge

Our veterans have pledged their all to ensure our way of life.

Heroes Helping Heroes

Major League Baseball thanks the newest generation of heroes.

Price of Freedom

They paid the price for our freedom. We will repay them with our service.

Rich Franklin

An athlete and fighter pays tribute to our country’s bravest heroes.

Heroes Helping Heroes

DAV and MLB get America’s returning heroes get back into the game.

Give Back to Them

Volunteer with the VA and stand up for veterans. They stood up for us.

The Battle Never Ends

Fulfilling our promises to the men and women in uniform.

Homeless Veterans

Your support can return homeless veterans to leading high-quality lives.

Hire a Hero

Being home means going back to work. Hire a veteran. It’s the right thing to do.

Heroes Without Monuments

DAV works to restore dignity in the lives of veterans and their families.

Help Our Heroes

Volunteering with DAV addresses all of veterans’ needs, not just their injuries.

Great Driving Team

Volunteer drivers are committed to empowering our returning veterans.

Don’t Take a Hero’s Space

It’s our collective responsibility to treat our veterans with respect and dignity.