When Brandon Mott orders dinner on his phone, his mind wanders back decades to when a DAV Transportation Network van pulled up in front of his family’s house and changed their world.

His stepfather, Leland L. Reynolds, was receiving radiation treatments at a Department of Veterans Affairs medical center that was a 2.5-hour drive each way from the family’s home in Sidney, New York. The Army and Navy veteran had served during the Vietnam War and was being treated for esophageal cancer—a disease commonly linked to Agent Orange exposure.

Mott was away at college and his mother was still raising two young children. The family had one car at the time, which made it hard for her to drive her husband to appointments. The DAV Transportation Network brought relief, Mott said.

“That is something special DAV has given my family,” he said.

Mott later joined the DAV Auxiliary as he thought of the importance of those vans. He’s now involved with legislative advocacy for the DAV Department of New York and volunteers to provide assistance with DAV outreach efforts in the state. To recruit volunteer drivers for DAV, he has also helped install video screens at a county clerk driver’s licensing office.

DAV made a difference to his family, and it’s now making a difference in his bank account.

Today, like other DAV and Auxiliary members, Mott uses the DAV MyDeals app to find discounts on travel, well-known national brands, local brands and unique experiences. Mott said he usually gets 10% to 20% off at restaurants and even gets free dishes at times.

“You really need to look at the app first before you decide where you’re going to get pizza—that is, if you like saving money,” he said.

He’s used DAV Member Advantages to save $300 on car tires and has even gotten some of his favorite local restaurants to become part of the program.

“Companies work with DAV to provide members with special offers because of our work to connect veterans to the benefits they earned and doing things like providing free transportation to VA medical appointments for those who served,” said DAV National Commander Joe Parsetich.


Mott said DAV provided an invaluable lifeline for his stepfather while he was alive, and it also went above and beyond for his mother.

“There is no way I could have been successful in school, or my mother could have managed all those trips with two small children, if it were not for the DAV vans,” Mott said.

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