Rae Weisbruch celebrates her 100th birthday and has fond memories of her and Stanley’s time in the service.

Rae Weisbruch joined the ranks of the Women’s Army Corps along with over 150,000 other women during World War II. Like many others, she felt the need to support America’s war efforts.

“Everybody wanted to do something. I thought that was a good thing for me to do since I was single and had no other obligations,” said Rae.

Ultimately, she was assigned as an assistant to an Army Air Corps flight instructor. Rae aided the instructor in his instrument flight training courses. That’s how she met Stanley Weisbruch—a young, scrappy pilot who was required to take the course before his next overseas mission—flying “the hump” of the Himalayas.

Rae’s husband, Stanley Weisbruch, flew missions throughout Asia as a pilot during World War II.

“They met in late 1943 or early 1944 and married in September of 1944. Then dad left to fly missions from India to Burma in the area that is modern-day Bangladesh,” said John Weisbruch, Rae and Stanley’s son. “My mom and dad were both proud to serve.”

In helping to care for his mom—who just celebrated her 100th birthday—John discovered DAV’s charitable gift annuity program and began considering the opportunity. As the executor of his mother’s estate, John wanted to find a reputable veterans organization to support.

“As far as choosing DAV, the fact that you steward donations efficiently is important to me and my mother,” said John.

Because Rae only receives a portion of her late husband Stanley’s pension, John appreciates the fact that the annuity benefits disabled veterans and also provides his mother with supplemental income.

“Investing in the annuity gave me a chance to give her a current income and help do what she ultimately wanted to be done with her estate,” said John. “We are both pleased to support other veterans and their families with the resources they need.”

Rae proudly served as a WAC in World War II.

A gift that pays you income while helping your fellow veterans!

Charitable gift annuity donors receive generous fixed payments for life, largely tax-free; a charitable income tax deduction for those who itemize; and DAV Guardian Society recognition.

Gift annuity requirements

  • $10,000 minimum gift
  • Up to two annuitants (payment recipients)
  • Minimum age 60; no maximum age

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Age Rate Age Rate
60 4.9% 80 7.6%
65 5.4% 85 8.7%
70 5.9% 90+ 9.7%
75 6.6%

Please call for all one- and two-life rates.