Looking back on 2022, I couldn’t be more proud of how our benefits advocates have continued serving veterans. Despite the challenges brought by COVID-19 these past few years, DAV adapted and never stopped offering VA claims assistance for the brave men and women who defended our nation.

I’m particularly pleased with how we came back swinging by restarting our information seminars nationwide to educate veterans and their families about the benefits they’ve already earned.

Hundreds of information seminars have taken place this year, with our highly trained national service officers traveling into communities across the country to offer veterans and their families keen insight, completely free of charge, on how best to navigate the sometimes daunting VA claims process.

There’s a reason more than 1 million veterans trust DAV with their powers of attorney: Our national service officers are the best in the business. They stand ready to hold in-person information seminars, which typically last about 45 minutes, anywhere, including educational campuses; unique event spaces; and, of course, DAV chapter locations.

We’ve also conducted information seminars virtually, enabling easy access to veterans—no matter where they are—to learn more about DAV’s mission and how we can help. And remember, while veterans are always welcome to join our ranks, there’s no membership requirement to receive an information seminar or claims assistance.

To request an information seminar, departments and chapters can always reach out to their local national service office to get one on the books.

But our expert national service officers aren’t the only benefits advocates usually attending these seminars.

DAV departments and chapters have volunteer service officers ready to offer additional assistance. Our department and chapter service officers are some of the most critical links in DAV’s chain. They can provide vital veterans benefits information that will better assist veterans and their families, prepare claims for benefits to which veterans may be entitled and gather crucial information needed to support claims.

Veterans can rest assured that when a department or chapter service officer takes an inquiry, such information is immediately handed off to a national service officer.

For more than a century now, DAV has been there for our nation’s injured heroes, their families and their survivors. And our service officers at every level can advocate for veterans wherever they are.

You’ll be able to find the 2023 information seminar schedule at
dav.org/get-help-now/veteran-topics-resources/information-seminars/, and you can learn more from your local national service office at benefitsquestions.org.