Free information seminars, which spread the word about how DAV can assist with veterans benefits, are now happening around the country.

The program, which was slowed due to COVID-19 over the past year, is presented by professional DAV benefits advocates to educate veterans, their families and survivors. Events can be held at educational institutions, civic groups, special events and through DAV chapters and departments.

In January, the program resumed in an adapted form based on public health considerations. Benefits advocates provide the seminars locally, but they are also available virtually to enable easy access for veterans across the nation to learn about DAV’s mission and other available services.

“Information seminars are an import way for us to educate veterans and their families on the details of specific benefits and services,” said National Service Director Jim Marszalek. “Our benefits advocates are experts in this area, and these free seminars are unique opportunities for them to reach out to the community, share their knowledge and offer assistance.”

This year’s goal is to host 360 information seminars. DAV offers chapters the ability to host seminars to help them with membership recruitment, and engage with members and prospects. Each seminar is usually about 45 minutes, and is followed by a question and answer session.

“We want our members leaders and the public to reach out to us if they are aware of opportunities where we may be able to host information seminars, whether that’s through DAV events or other venues where we can reach people who need our help,” said Marszalek.

Departments and chapters can reach out to their local national service office to schedule an informational seminar now.