Leading advocates to gather in Washington, D.C.

One of the most highly visible demonstrations of DAV’s dedicated advocacy in action comes in February at the annual mid-winter conference in Arlington, Va. Each year, hundreds of DAV members and leaders join together to put a face to the most pressing veterans issues and bring the fight directly to elected leaders and policymakers in Washington, D.C.

The past few years have yielded several significant victories for veterans, including the expansion of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ caregiver program and benefits for Blue Water Navy veterans. But the unfortunate truth is that a single legislative victory is often far from the end of the road.

In the cases of both Blue Water Navy benefits and the caregiver program expansion, more pressure must be applied in order to ensure veterans are able to access the benefits they are eligible for by law, without delays or disruptions.

We invite you to lend your voice to the cause and join us at DAV’s annual mid-winter conference at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va., as we tackle the major issues facing veterans today.

You’ll stand alongside National Commander Butch Whitehead as he presents DAV’s legislative agenda to Congress. You will also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your lawmakers to make it clear what DAV is fighting for: a strengthened veterans health care system, improved services for women veterans, establishment of benefits for those exposed to burn pits, enhanced survivors benefits, improved veterans mental health care programs and suicide prevention efforts, and a sufficient budget for the VA.

Come join your fellow DAV leaders as we work to ensure policymakers in Washington hear the voices of America’s ill and injured veterans and their families. Together, we will achieve victory and ensure veterans get the benefits they need and have earned.


For more information, visit: dav.org/events/2020-mid-winter-conference