Reap rewards by introducing new veterans to DAV

The lifeblood of DAV is our more than 1 million members, and that strength is reinforced when we renew our ranks and educate prospective members on our mission and the advantages of joining.

Beyond supporting the collective voice of the organization, DAV and Auxiliary members can earn recruiting points based on the method and number of veterans they recruit. Accumulated points can be used to purchase items at the national convention or through DAV’s store.

A member who signs up a veteran for membership via the paper application earns two points for a full-life membership or one point for a part-life sign-up. A second point is then awarded when the applicant becomes a full-life member.

To incentivize online applications, members who sign up a veteran through the website receive two points for enlisting a new part-life member and a third point when that member is fully paid. Recruiters of veterans who make a full-life membership payment up front online get three points automatically.

“Our point system rewards and recognizes the efforts of our members who are helping sustain the future of our organization,” said National Membership Director Doug Wells. “They put in a lot of the legwork to get these new members, and DAV is happy to reward them.”

Each point earned equates to $1 in DAV store credit.

“It is simple,” said Stan Ashford, senior vice commander of the Department of Virginia and a member of the Interim Membership Committee. “An individual’s continuous recruiting effort of eligible veterans can and will ultimately produce sufficient recruiter points to purchase some neat swag from the DAV store.”

Drew Wheatley, a DAV chapter service officer with Chapter 12 in Farmington, Mo., has piled up more than 240 points—and has developed a plan to further strengthen his recruiting efforts. He will use his points for DAV swag that he can offer as incentives to sign up new members. “I want to make sure we build our membership and have something for them when they sign up,” Wheatley said.

DAV recruiter points do not earn interest, and they have a shelf life. Points older than three years will begin to expire on June 30, 2020, and on a rolling annual basis thereafter. How DAV members decide to use their earned recruiter points is entirely up to them. Wells just doesn’t want to see them go to waste.

“We sincerely hope all DAV members with points to spend do so,” said Wells. “We are quickly approaching our centennial anniversary, and I can’t think of a better time or way to celebrate than by putting hard-earned points to work and getting some really cool DAV merchandise.”

To cash in recruiter points, visit, call 1-877-426-2838, ext 3252, or stop by the DAV store during the national convention.