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The Veterans Consortium (TVC) Discharge Upgrade Program has received a $1 million grant from the DAV Charitable Service Trust (Trust), an organization that is affiliated with DAV (Disabled American Veterans). The Trust leads a grant program for not-for-profit organizations that fulfill a need or array of needs for sick, wounded, homeless and at-risk veterans throughout the nation.

The grant will fully support the next four years of TVC’s Discharge Upgrade Program’s mission, providing legal assistance to veterans seeking to upgrade their less than honorable discharges. Through TVC’s Discharge Upgrade Program, pro bono attorneys are recruited and trained to represent veterans before discharge review boards and boards for correction of military records. TVC reviews discharge cases and primarily represents veterans who received an Other Than Honorable discharge due to misconduct related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, traumatic brain injury and other related mental health issues.

TVC’s Discharge Upgrade Program has been in existence for more than two years and has already provided help to over 2,000 veterans, either by providing direct legal representation or other support.

“Far too often, service members are discharged from the military without an honorable discharge because they’re dealing with trauma or mental health problems that are misinterpreted as insubordination,” said DAV National Adjutant Marc Burgess. “If a veteran cannot get the benefits and resources they earned through service because their discharge was based on a lack of information or compassion, we intend to rectify that injustice. TVC recognized this need and created the Discharge Upgrade Program. We support their mission wholeheartedly.”

Notably, DAV is a founding member of The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program and to this day, continues to have a representative on the Executive Board.

Funds from the Trust will cover costs of the Discharge Upgrade Program’s personnel and other expenses associated with the program, including the training of pro bono attorneys and outreach materials.

“We are very grateful to DAV for this generous grant which will fund our program for the next four years,” said TVC’s Managing Director, Jim Carlsen. “We all recognize the need to support veterans that have been treated unjustly. TVC looks forward to expanding our reach to deserving men and women, restoring their honor and veteran status so that they may receive the benefits they earned and deserve.”


To learn more about the Discharge Upgrade Program, call 202-733-3324 or email [email protected].


About DAV Charitable Service Trust:
DAV Charitable Service Trust is dedicated to one, single purpose: empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. To carry out this responsibility, the DAV Charitable Service Trust supports programs and services designed to address the core needs of housing; legal assistance; physical/mental health; nutrition; employment; education; and overall quality of life for veterans and their loved ones. Learn more at www.cst.dav.org 


About TVC:

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program (TVC) is a leading national 501(c)(3) charity providing free legal services in federal venues for veterans in need. TVC operates a global federal Veterans Pro Bono Program on behalf of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to represent veterans unjustly denied benefits or compensation earned from military service. We recruit and train attorneys to litigate cases that are appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. The TVC Discharge Upgrade Program can also be directly accessed by either the veteran or any VSO through the TVC website at vetsprobono.org.