Many times when meeting transitioning military members or fellow veterans who may qualify for membership in our organization, I’m asked, “Why should I join?”

My response is simple: “Can you afford not to?”

Every DAV member is a voice fighting for fellow veterans, their caregivers and their families. Membership ensures you are still very much in the fight. That fight involves pushing lawmakers to enact positive legislation for veterans, making sure veteran health care and VA reform is a national priority, fighting for support for caregivers of all generations, and making sure the benefits we earned through service are not taken away or siphoned off.

Your membership is a critical component in each of these areas, which affect quality of life for veterans and their families. You are still in the fight regarding these issues, and I’m grateful you are with us.

Additionally, many members enjoy the familial bonds unique to the veteran community. For many of us, myself included, it mirrors what we experienced in the military. Our members typically look out for one another in times of need. DAV members support fellow veterans in their communities and, just as our organization is in the fight in Washington, D.C., we’re in the fight to take care of our own.

There are, of course, more tangible benefits like member discounts and DAV Magazine, but foremost, joining is the fulfillment of our sacred promise to never leave our own behind.

Thank you for your membership and for staying in the fight with me. I hope you’ll rally fellow veterans to our cause and invite them to join us as we continue the fight on behalf of every man and woman who has served. It’s an honor to continue to serve beside all of you.