DAV launches guide to help employers recruit, hire and retain veterans

DAV recently launched a comprehensive guide designed to assist employers and organizations to recruit, hire and retain the unique talents veterans bring to the workplace.

The Veteran Advantage: DAV Guide to Hiring and Retaining Veterans with Disabilities is a thorough and comprehensive document covering a wide range of employment-related topics, which include, among others:

  • financial incentives for employers hiring disabled veterans;
  • how veterans tend to be loyal to an organization thus reducing high turnover rates;
  • strategies for recruiting and hiring veterans with disabilities;
  • strategies for implementing cost effective workplace accommodations for disabled veterans;
  • what veterans experience when transitioning out of uniform;
  • how inherent military strengths unique to veterans can influence organizational outcomes;
  • an entire section devoted to dispelling myths regarding TBI and PTSD.

“Our research shows the nearly 4 million veterans in our country with a service-connected disability are among the most resilient people in the talent pool a hiring manager could find,” said National Commander Delphine Metcalf-Foster. “Once veterans find a place where they feel they belong, they have traits of loyalty, team-oriented perspective, proven leadership abilities and a no-fail mindset.”

The guide is based on proven, best practices for hiring and retaining veterans and can be used by employers to empower them to do the right thing for the country and their company.

“There are testimonials from employers in the guide who discuss how veterans help their organizations achieve success,” said National Headquarters Executive Director Barry Jesinoski. “I hope everyone shares the guide with any professional contacts they have within the business community, civic organizations and with employers who want to hire veterans.”