Statement from DAV National Commander on tragedy at the Pathway Home

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Delphine Metcalf-Foster

am deeply devastated to learn of the tragic events which took place late last night, resulting in the deaths of four individuals at the Pathway Home right here in my own local community in California.


Though more details will emerge to paint a clearer picture of what led to this situation, it calls sharply to mind our duty as veterans to be there for one another and to reach out to those in crisis. We know many veterans struggle in the transition from military to civilian life—sometimes deeply scarred by physical or emotional wounds—and we must stand ready to help bridge the divide so no one falls through the cracks.


I myself have spent time volunteering at the facility, as I believe in the valuable and life-changing vocation they undertake. The Pathway Home, and many organizations like it across the country, are critical community partners in the mission of addressing the invisible wounds some veterans carry as they work to build successful, fulfilling lives. No one entity can do it alone. 


We commend Pathway Home employees for their commitment and compassion to veterans and thank them for the noble work they have done and will continue to do. Our sympathies are with them at this dark time, as well as with the families, loved ones and friends of those killed, and we are grateful to the first responders who made every effort to de-escalate the situation and minimize the possibility of lives lost.