Strengthening Veterans Health Care

The VA MISSION Act (P.L. 115-182) was approved on June 6, 2018 with broad, bipartisan support in Congress and among all stakeholders in order to strengthen, reform and sustain veterans health care programs for years to come.  DAV and a coalition of more than 30 other veterans organizations supported this landmark legislation because it has the potential – if fully and faithfully implemented – to expand veterans’ access to quality care.  As approved, the MISSION Act requires VA to remain the primary provider and coordinator of care, with integrated networks of community providers expanding access when and where VA is not reasonably available.

The MISSION Act took effect on June 6, 2019, replacing the old Veterans Choice Program with the new Veterans Community Care Program (VCCP) and with new access standards.  The law also created a new urgent care benefit and expanded access to telehealth options. DAV will be carefully monitoring the implementation of this new program to ensure that veterans receive timely, high-quality medical care.  In particular, DAV remains focused on ensuring that VA provides comprehensive clinical care coordination for those veterans who receive care through the new VCCP, and that VA holds private sector providers accountable to the same quality and access standards as VA must meet.