DAV_CANPageImageDAV: Taking Action at Home

Our nation’s service men and women put everything on the line in defense of America’s freedom. Our public and political leaders need to be kept informed of the challenges they face returning to normal life. DAV’s legislative grassroots campaign makes sure they know what they need to do.

DAV’s multi-aspect legislative campaign provides this education and support in the capitol and across the country. Take some time here and learn how DAV is working with lawmakers on your behalf. Read more and discover how you, too, can stand with our heroes and make sure their voice is heard in Washington.


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The National legislative staff is pleased to provide a first in series of tutorials entitled, “DAV’s Legislative Chairpersons Role, Responsibilities and Tips.” This tutorial, from a recent DAV webinar, was designed to create awareness of the legislative chairperson’s functions and help enhance our grassroots efforts throughout DAV Departments.

The National legislative staff is pleased to provide the second in a series of tutorials entitled, “DAV Advocacy at the State Level.” This tutorial was created to inform and educate our members about the legislative process at the state level and encourage increased involvement between Departments and their state legislatures. Our grassroots efforts within the states has the potential to enhance benefits and services provided by state governments to our wounded, injured and ill veterans and their families.