The hard facts of history brought about DAV’s creation. But compassion and service have been the tools that made our organization what it is today.

A great deal has changed since DAV was founded, but this much has remained the same: those who return from war must have men and women waiting for them at home who will stand with them as they work to take back their lives. Through DAV, veterans and civilians alike can fully express their appreciation and concern for those who have risked so much for our country.

The historical account of DAV in Wars and Scars on the pages that follow tells the story of that journey, from the days after World War I to the men and women of today returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond. It tells the story of the veterans, families and civilians who made the commitment that none of America’s heroes should ever go it alone.



Mission statement. Table of contents. Preface.

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Chapter 1

Our story begins. Pencils on the street corner. The early days of DAV.

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Chapter 2

A national organization is born. The triumphant first convention. From high principles to hard work. The founding of DAV Auxiliary. Fundraising progress.

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Chapter 3

Bonus marchers and false economies. Congressional charter. Identotags: a fundraising breakthrough.

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Chapter 4

The most costly war. Responding to a new generation.

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Chapter 5

Korea and the Cold War.

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Chapter 6

The longest war. The DAV and Vietnam veterans. A new national headquarters.

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Chapter 7

Changing the guard.

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Chapter 8

New wars and a new era. Years of change and growth.

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Chapter 9

The Gulf War legacy. A defining moment. New beginnings, new success.

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Chapter 10

A decade of excellence. Building the future. The academy. Washington battles. Building programs of service. Increasing support. The fight for justice.

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Chapter 11

The new century and War on Terror. War in Iraq. Building the volunteer legacy. Keeping the memory alive. A seal of approval.

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Chapter 12

A century of hope.

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National Adjutant terms. National Commander terms.

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