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DAV Honor Guard

As a new member of the DAV’s Honor Guard, you’re helping men and women who sacrificed so much to preserve and protect our nation’s freedoms. We are deeply grateful for your life-changing generosity.

As a monthly supporter you’ll receive:

  • Updates on the impact you are making
  • A beautiful DAV calendar
  • Newsletters with stories of lives you help transform
  • The joy of knowing you’re fulfilling a promise to veterans who’ve sacrificed so much

SEE the difference YOU make through your monthly support:

Every day, more veterans return home from service injured or ill, and struggling to regain their lives. Veterans who’ve sacrificed everything so that you and I, and those we love, can live free.

Your Honor Guard support of Disabled American Veterans is an incredible way to honor that sacrifice, and show these wounded heroes that we have their backs.

Your gifts help provide:

  • Rehabilitation and counseling programs
  • Free rides to and from medical appointments
  • Volunteers who help care for veterans in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Veterans with access to all the benefits they earned while in service to our country
  • Advocacy and support of legislation for veterans’ rights
  • Services to veterans and their families to address their overall health and well-being
  • Career training and job placement
  • Rehabilitation programs for veterans with severe disabilities
  • Other critical services that connect veterans with resources to help meet their immediate and long-term needs.

Your support is lifesaving

Our wounded veterans are eager to lead fulfilled and productive lives. Your support shows these brave men and women that they won’t face the road to recovery alone. On behalf of more than 1 million veterans we help each year, thank you.

Join DAV’s Honor Guard

What veterans are saying about DAV:

“I felt that I was going to get to the point where I wouldn’t be able to do anything—especially knowing that I had to learn how to walk again.
DAV is helping me fulfill that goal.”
— Bob Body, Veteran, U.S. Army

“Both my legs were amputated due to an IED while deployed in Iraq. I felt like I’d lost my purpose, until I got help from Disabled American Veterans.”
— Nick Koulchar, Iraq veteran

“DAV is a life saver. They were there for me when I returned home badly injured from Vietnam. Your support helps more veterans get the care and benefits they need.”
— Bobby Barrera, Retired Corporal, U.S. Marines

Thank you for honoring our wounded heroes!

Hundreds of thousands of veterans and their families come to Disabled American Veterans every year. And with your invaluable support as an Honor Guard member, we are committed to helping all of them get the benefits they’ve earned, and support they deserve.

Honor Guard Advisor
Disabled American Veterans | PO Box 14301 | Cincinnati, OH  45250-0301
Phone:  833.829.7066 (toll free) | 859.547.3398 (local direct)
email:  [email protected]

We can’t help deserving veterans without the generous support of Honor Guard members like you.
Thank you for YOUR service to our wounded heroes.