About_DAV_TopImageA Legacy of Service, Hope for the Future

DAV is a nonprofit charity that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families, helping more than 1 million veterans in positive, life-changing ways each year. The organization provides more than 700,000 rides for veterans attending medical appointments and assists veterans with more than 300,000 benefit claims annually. In 2015, DAV helped attain more than $4 billion in new and retroactive benefits to care for veterans, their families and survivors.

DAV is also a leader in connecting veterans with meaningful employment, hosting job fairs and providing resources to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in the American Dream their sacrifices have made possible.

With almost 1,300 chapters and 1.3 million members across the country, DAV empowers our nation’s heroes and their families by helping to provide the resources they need and ensuring our nation keep the promises made to them.

MosesMcIntosh_2015CmdrMoses A. McIntosh, Jr., National Commander

Victories for veterans

Victory is a very powerful word. Gen. George Patton once advised, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

He was absolutely right.

Our members have been securing victories for veterans throughout all of our nearly century-long history.

A victory is secured each time a more experienced veteran mentors a younger or transitioning veteran and impacts his or her life in positive ways.

A victory is getting a veteran who otherwise would not be able to receive needed medical care to a medical appointment.

We attain a victory each time a Service Officer helps a veteran secure the benefits earned through service.

It’s a victory when a veteran finds meaningful employment, and it’s another victory when a community leader or stakeholder learns about issues that affect our veteran neighbors locally.

Victory is attained through the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic each time an ill or injured veteran realizes they can indeed live an active lifestyle.

Each one of these examples illustrates a unique story about veterans who— like General Patton said—have accepted challenges, overcome them and are rightly feeling the joy of victory.

You may have seen or heard our “Victory for Veterans” public service announcements (PSAs). We hope that you are proud of these messages and that they honor your service. We also hope their distribution will make it easier for you to recruit new members and volunteers. DAV leaders can double down on the impact of these messages by sharing them with local station managers. By now, Chapter and Department leaders will have received a memo with guidance on getting DAV PSAs on television, radio and billboards in your community.

DAV releases PSAs nationally. However, station managers may be more influenced by a local representative of DAV who can speak to the services we provide in their own backyard. Broadcast media are required by the Federal Communications Commission to serve “in the public interest.” Most stations show PSAs to meet this requirement. The result is that DAV receives air time at no cost to the organization.

Each of our new PSAs illustrates a story of a victory and features a fellow veteran. Each time one is placed in your community, it’s a victory for your veteran neighbors and DAV.

DAV wants every veteran to achieve victory. Contact feedback@dav.org for more information.


If you want to find out more about the National Commander, you can find his biography here.