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Chapter and Department Outreach

Help make an impact on the lives of ill and injured veterans and their families in your community by sharing this important Public Service Announcement.

As an active member of DAV, you are an important link to veterans in your community. When you reach out to station managers in your community to encourage them to air DAV’s public service announcements, you show them that people in their viewing audience are interested in our cause and that DAV is active and providing services that improve the quality of the lives of their hometown heroes.

You can help DAV by contacting your local station manager by phone or email and asking them if they would be willing to share our message. After that, you can send a letter with the video or take any number of actions to share our important message.

You can also consider passing this along to sports teams you know, popular local websites, public access channels or any other source who are willing to support our cause by sharing our message with their audiences.


Please help DAV spread the word by simply doing the following:

  1. Download letter, fill in applicable blanks and print the letter.
  2. All of our PSA materials are now in digital format.  Simply direct the station to our PSA site at
  3. Hand carry or email the letter to your local media outlets.
  4. Tell them who DAV is and how injured veterans and their families need their support.
  5. Another helpful resource is the DAV Publicity Guide, which offers further guidance on local outreach efforts.




Feel free to use the other sharing capabilities. Embed it on your website, email it, share it on Twitter, post it on Facebook, your Google+ and LinkedIn. Should you have any questions or need help on how to share this important message, feel free to contact Communications Department at: [email protected]