Women are the fastest-growing cohort of veterans who use Department of Veterans Affairs services. The VA currently provides health care to approximately 600,000 women—half of whom are of childbearing age. Since 2014, pregnancies in women veterans using VA care have increased by more than 80%.

As of Oct. 1, 2023, veterans now have access to maternity care coordinators from the beginning of their pregnancy to 12 months postpartum—an expansion from the previous end date of eight weeks. These coordinators help navigate health care inside and outside the VA, connect veterans with care after delivery, ensure access to follow-up screenings and more.

VA maternity care coordinators also screen for social, physical and mental health concerns; answer questions about billing; provide resources for childbirth education; and offer lactation consulting during pregnancy and after delivery.

For more information about maternity care coordination, please visit womenshealth.va.gov/topics/maternity-care.asp.