has just become an even more powerful tool to help you easily file reports with DAV members.

In an effort to improve your experience at, DAV has streamlined the process of filing Officer Election Reports for our members and staff. This change will make it easier to share critical information.

Member leaders will now file all reports through, which will simplify the records maintenance process while improving security and increasing transparency. The change also eliminates the need for processing paper forms.

When an Officer Election Report is submitted, email notifications will automatically be sent to department and chapter line officers, as well as the adjutant, treasurer and officer authorized to receive mail.

And communicating changes in chapter leadership is now as easy as submitting a revised report. You can also update meeting information and contact information for the department or chapter.

However, once a report is submitted, a revised Officer Election Report cannot be submitted until the officers are validated in the membership system.

Not already signed up for You are encouraged to register now. You will gain access to your DAV record as well as the ability to request new membership cards and manage and make payments.

You can get membership information and answers to your questions sent via text message to your phone after registering for You will also have access to a wide variety of reports based on your role or elected office. This is also the place to request a membership transfer when you are on the move.

All these resources make the easy way to stay in contact by providing tools at your fingertips whenever, and wherever you need them. Every member is encouraged to take advantage and sign up today.

If you need help filing a report on, you can ask department leaders to assist you with the process. Any other questions about submitting Officer Election Reports can be sent to [email protected].