DAV members can save time, money through special partner offers

If nothing else, 2020 reminded us how unpredictable the future can be and why it’s important to save resources and prepare for whatever challenges may come next.

DAV’s Member Advantages program is designed to help its members be prepared for the next unknown by saving them time and money today.

“This program allows us to partner with corporations, who in return give our members discounts,” said National Membership Director Doug Wells. “If I know veterans the way I think I do, they like to be in control. This is one way for them to take control and save some money and time that might be better used elsewhere.”

DAV members who do use their advantages are also paying it forward to support more victories for veterans through DAV’s services.

“It’s vital for our members to utilize their Member Advantages as often as possible, as those affinity agreements further support DAV’s mission,” said Wells. “When a member makes a purchase or uses a service, a portion of that sale reverts back to DAV.”

DAV members facing a big life event such as moving can have a lot of stress and concerns about costs, but northAmerican Van Lines is ready to help members save money—and heartache.

“We’ve been working with DAV for over 20 years,” said Tim Mento, vice president for corporate development with northAmerican Van Lines. “We’re so excited to continue our partnership with DAV and help members safely move their belongings and save money through our program.”

DAV members receive higher-tiered service, which can be valuable for veterans with disabilities or mobility issues. Ideally, northAmerican will come out four to six weeks prior to the move date, conduct a walk-through and come back with an estimated cost.

“We plan for a worst-case scenario and work back from that,” said Mento. “Depending on the member’s budget, we can make recommendations where they can save. We provide a basic service, which is picking up packed items and furniture and unloading at the destination.”

“Our franchise owner is a disabled veteran,” Mento explained. “He’s very committed to this program and helping his fellow veterans.”

It’s not unusual for a new mortgage to be waiting for you on the other end of a move, and another DAV Membership Advantages partner—Quicken Loans—is there to help.

“Detroit-based Quicken Loans is proud to support veterans achieve their homeownership and financial goals through a dedicated team that specializes in VA loans,” said Mike Kluge, Quicken Loans’ director of relocation and affinity programs. “J.D. Power has ranked our company the highest in client satisfaction for mortgage origination a record 11 straight years.

“With the DAV partnership, members go through the home purchase or refinance process with ease as a dedicated team ensures members get the home loan that fits their family and budget,” Kluge continued. “Starting with an official mortgage review and up to $2,000 off closing costs, Quicken Loans is committed to getting all DAV members to the finish line of home ownership.”


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