The Quiet Generosity of Donald Hauk

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Donald Hauk Photo
Donald Hauk, whose compassion for disabled veterans lives on through his bequest.

We learned too late to say thank you

To those who knew him, Donald Hauk was a skilled craftsman, a weaver of gold, silver and shimmering gems. He was someone who looked out for his elderly neighbor and fostered homeless animals. And for many who never knew Hauk, his generosity will impact them for years to come.

Hauk is but one of the many caring Americans who slip away without our ever having the chance to know them, thank them and welcome them into our family.

We wish we could have welcomed Don into the Guardian Society—our appreciation to those who have informed us of their plans—and expressed how much his future gift would mean to veterans and their families. What we can do is tell others about Don and the caring and thoughtful way he lived his life.

Art Farnsley, Hauk’s executor, wrote to inform us of his touching life story. We learned that his life was one of sacrifice, caring for others and planning gifts to his favorite causes by way of his trust.

Farnsley wrote: “Don was a craftsman with a keen eye for detail. He spent most of his career as a welder and also performed apartment maintenance for a small complex in Cincinnati. In his spare time, he created beautiful gold and silver jewelry and did very fine beadwork, using magnifying glasses and endless patience to string tiny beads into patterns for necklaces. He sold his jewelry at a flea market alongside collectable knives. He loved to dress in his fancy buckskin shirt and wear big hats and bigger jewelry.

“Although Don lived most of his life alone, he had a deep concern for people such as his elderly neighbor and the homeless animals he fostered. When he died, his only vehicle was a 24-year-old Toyota 4Runner, but his assets totaled just over three-quarters of a million dollars.

“In his sixties, he created a trust that designated his life savings for organizations he believed needed and deserved help, including DAV. He sought no credit for these extraordinary gifts during his lifetime, but he created a legacy that would help hundreds of others after he was gone.”

Indeed, Hauk’s true legacy is his endless kindness that now touches the lives of numerous deserving veterans and their families, probably more than he could have ever imagined. He continues to create something beautiful.


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