Opportunity knocks with DAV’s Membership Advantages program

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Membership in DAV includes access to a wide range of money-saving advantages for those who served and their families. These generous partners stand by our veterans through a variety of programs, products and services. Members can pile up savings with many different and popular brands—and it assists veterans by circling funds back into DAV’s mission.

“The program allows us to partner with corporations who give our members discounts,” said National Membership Director Doug Wells. “When a member makes a purchase or uses a service, a portion of that sale reverts back to DAV to help fund our programs and services.”

“What jumps out the most to our members are the life events like moving or purchasing a new Ford vehicle,” Wells added. “But our Member Advantages program offers much more than that, and our members could be using them more often.”

DAV members facing a big life event such as moving can have a lot of stress and concerns about costs, but northAmerican Moving Services is ready to help DAV members save money—and heartache.

“We’ve been working with DAV for over 20 years,” said Tim Mento, vice president for corporate development with northAmerican Van Lines. “Moving is not cheap, it’s not fun and it’s stressful. We offer DAV members guaranteed discounts and a free insurance policy up to $100,000 of full replacement coverage protection, saving members up to $1,000 when it’s all said and done.”

DAV members receive higher-tiered service, which can be valuable for veterans with disabilities or mobility issues. Ideally, northAmerican will come out four to six weeks prior to the move date, conduct a walk-through and come back with an estimated cost.

“We plan for a worst-case scenario and work back from that,” said Mento. “Depending on the member’s budget, we can make recommendations where they can save. We provide a basic service, which is picking up packed items and furniture and unloading at the destination.”

“Our franchise owner is a disabled veteran,” Mento explained. “He’s very committed to this program and helping his fellow veterans.”

Identity theft affects one in seven Americans, often with devastating consequences. DAV members can save 20 percent to protect their digital and financial identity with DAV partner Identity Guard. DAV members get advanced protection backed up by 22 years’ experience from a company that has helped more than 47 million people protect their identities.

“Identity Guard uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to continuously scour billions of data points to discover potential vulnerabilities and alert you when your identity may be at risk,” said Ujala Khan, partner solutions manager with Identity Guard. “DAV members can think of Identity Guard as an early warning system that is always helping to protect your identity, because you can’t stop a threat unless you can spot a threat.”

Another partner who offers DAV members perks is USAA, a financial institution started in 1922 by 25 military members to serve the unique needs of military personnel.

“Today, USAA remains focused and committed to facilitate the financial security of members, associates and their families,” said Gary Williams, USAA’s assistant vice president, military affinity. “One important way we bring the mission to life is working together with DAV to deliver financial products that are tailored to serve the needs of the military community; for example, DAV and USAA co-brand two rewards credit cards.”

DAV members can enjoy up to three-times the rewards points and even redeem points for cash, merchandise, gift cards and more when using a DAV and USAA rewards card.

New companies have also partnered with DAV through the Membership Advantages program, including Avis and Budget Car Rental, which offer up to 25 percent savings on their base rates, and Quicken Loans. DAV members considering purchasing or refinancing a home can get $500 cash back after closing plus a $750 closing-cost credit.

Members can shop and save anytime—and that helps support DAV and the many no-cost programs and services that benefit the nation’s veterans throughout the year. You can access the partner links in the membership portal on DAV’s website. There, members will be given the discount codes to use when completing their orders.

“It is our goal at DAV to continue to find great partners who care about veterans and their families, so we can offer even more great deals and savings to our members,” said National Adjutant Marc Burgess. “It’s all about providing the best services and savings we can to our valuable members who deserve it.”

For more information and a complete list of Membership Advantages, visit dav.org/membership/member-advantages/.

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